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T.AGG - Mobile Communications Aggregator 'Broadband' In A Box. The Terrafix T.AGG

T.AGG - Terrafix Aggregator

The Terrafix T.AGG pushing Network boundaries and enhancing the Users capability

Terrafix continue their pedigree of developing advanced and innovative technologies, which help to meet ever growing needs of the customers from Mobile Data Systems.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Terrafix, the Terrafix Aggregator (T.AGG) is a vehicle based communications management hub with integrated GPS. It accesses up to 4 cellular networks for broadband data communications plus an option to interface to any other communications system such as Satellite or Point to point radio, supplying optimal data aggregation, coverage and bandwidth in the most challenging environments. Coupled with built in dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the T.AGG will provide a powerful facility to stream high data dependant applications to and from any Mobile Device.

Remote working is becoming a normal and expected part of any business, this has always been the case in the Emergency Services but the geography and Mobile communications architecture have been limiting factors. Using the T.AGG to provide a diverse and optimised data path, opens the door to the visions of the User communities making ideas a reality, ideas such as Telehealth, Mobile consulting rooms , PNC, ANPR checks, video streaming, distance experts used on mission critical situations are now possible. The applications for a remote guaranteed broadband facility are limitless.

TME- Terrafix Mobile Environment

Terrafix are now looking at potential markets around the globe where the communications infrastructure is limited and where T.AGG will offer a way of broadening customer's footprint by providing a resilient, diverse and secure mobile broadband facility.

hereto vist the T.AGG page or for a full specification of the T.AGG please see the back page of the brochure

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